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Sustainable Homes of the Future

Dec 20, 2019

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With drought and water supply a core issue in many parts of Australia, it’s noteworthy that a residential estate with water-saving technology has taken out an Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Award for Excellence. The design saw the homes’ water use cut by 70%.

UDIA Victoria chief executive Danni Hunter says innovations around environmental excellence are making a big impact on the building sector.

“We’re in the business of creating the homes and communities that people need, and it’s clear to industry that home-buyers want and need urban development that considers social, environmental and economic impacts,” Hunter says.

Head judge Peter Seamer says “sustainability is no longer considered a bonus in developments, it’s a given and developments with poor sustainability outcomes cannot compete in the marketplace”.

Sustainable housing issues include environmental sustainability (water, energy, emissions, waste, vegetation, pollutants and contamination) and social sustainability (aesthetics, safety, security, accessibility, functionality and liveability for future generations).