The Smartre Sale

The Smartre™ sale is designed to work effectively under any market conditions. It is the best method of sale when there are multiple buyers for a property and the only truly effective method when there is just one.

Designed specifically with the seller in mind, it focuses on a private sale methodology with some subtle variations.

There are two key components that define the Smartre™ sale:

1. There is no charge unless your property is sold and settled. This INCLUDES all marketing fees.
2. A competitive negotiation strategy is used versus a comparative negotiation strategy (such as auction).


Our agents will cover the 8 key components to a Smartre™ sale in their meeting with you:

Most real estate mistakes happen for three reasons;

1. Lack of knowledge

2. No clear process

3. Careless real estate agents.

For the property seller and buyer, simplicity leads to good outcomes and simplicity is a hallmark of the Smartre™ sale.

Most properties sold in Australia would benefit from this most transparent strategy.


Through this initial meeting our agent will show you evidence of homeowners, who used our methods, selling for between $20,000 to $30,000 higher than if they had employed a typical agency using standard selling processes.

Importantly, agents (such as Flynn & Co) using the Smartre™ sale understand their primary role is to represent you, the seller, and protect your interests.

After all, it is you who pays the agent.

We are so confident in our sales process, that we are prepared to offer a full service guarantee.
The real estate industry is full of predatory practices, where homeowners are asked to invest large sums of their hard-earned money into risky sales campaigns that are no guarantee to produce a satisfactory result.
If an agent won't guarantee their service, why offer it?
At Flynn & Co, all of our clients are provided a fully inclusive marketing campaign for their home and are only charged fees upon a successful sale.
To put it simply, if there is no sale, there is no charge to a homeowner.
If you want an agent to represent you that will guarantee their service, click the link below to get in touch.

More home sellers are choosing to sell Smartre™