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Rosebud Primary School Mural & Creative Sparks Projects

Nov 03, 2023

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Community sponsors are key to the success of Creative Sparks Projects and engaging with young people to contribute back to the communities they spend time in!
That's why when Kyle Brightside asked for our contribution to his local Rosebud Primary School project, we jumped right in.

Creative Sparks Projects aims to develop confidence, teamwork skills and self-expression skills with young people.
It adds a sense of pride in local communities and encourages young people to contribute in a positive way to how their community grows and is presented.
Kyle travels to communities and schools all around Australia to deliver programs to engage with young people.
The end result is not only a fantastic mural that students have contributed to and connected with but also an experience that adds value to their educational experience outside the classroom.

The mural design was then pieced together from the ideas the Grade 5 students shared to create a collaborative piece that highlighted key aspects of students' educational experience including the popular school camp song "Wombat on a Surfboard", the last Principal who had excellent relationships with students, parents and the Rosebud community, the iconic local wildlife represented by the Port Phillip Stingray found just off Rosebud pier across the road from the school (and also the namesake of the schools new basketball stadium). By completing the mural with the voice from the school committee and including the community values (HEART) the mural adds another layer of reflection for the students to embody the values the school endeavors to share.