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Did You Spot The Spelling Mistake?

Mar 30, 2024

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Smartre means Smart Real Estate. At Flynn & Co Real Estate, we’ve adopted an alternative approach to most agencies across Australia. Our mission is to work with all of our clients and customers using strategies that are both ethical and effective.

A practice that is unethical means it comes at the cost of somebody within the transaction. This could be the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant – often due to manipulation, deceit or misrepresentation. At Flynn & Co Real Estate we refuse to conduct ourselves unethically.

Strategies that are ineffective are by definition, fruitless. The strategies employed by our sales agents not only lead to outcomes, but to the best possible outcomes for any of our clients.

If you see the word Smartre attached to a real estate agency, you can be assured they too are striving to improve the way people work and transact with real estate. A lofty goal yes, but a cause we’re proud to be associated with.