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Wendy Pemberton

Property Manager

Call  (03) 5986 3000

About Wendy

With a professional approach and strong work ethic, coupled with a mature can do attitude, Wendy Pemberton is perfect for the role of property manager at Flynn & Co Real Estate. 

During her 8 years in real estate, Wendy has been the senior property manager at another local company and brings loads of experience with her. Wendy’s number one priority are her landlords and tenants  – working with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for all concerned –

she understands that today’s tenant may well be tomorrow’s landlord and she likes to build strong, lasting relationships with her clients that leads to repeat business, referrals and a strong investment portfolio.

If you’re thinking about buying an investment, or changing from your existing property manager then now is the right time to give Wendy a call.

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