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Landlord 101

Landlord 101

By Gary Pittard.

PostcodeAustralian and New Zealand Property Investors. Whether you are a landlord now, or plan to be one in the future, we have 101 ways to make your investment property a winner.

My name is Gary Pittard, CEO of the real estate business consultancy, Pittard. My friend, Andrew Trim, heads of one of Brisbane’s most successful group of agencies, Johnson Real Estate. Andrew has written a book entitled Landlord 101 and it’s yours for FREE.

Landlord 101 is packed with ideas on how to maximise your investment in property.

Here are some of the things you will discover in Landlord 101:

• Pets or no pets?

• Avoiding loading of maintenance costs

• The correct way to conduct tenant inspections

• Marketing costs – who should pay?

• The importance of routine property inspections

• Checking references –agents’ and tenants’

• Necessary maintenance to prevent deterioration

• The importance of agent communication

• Choosing the right agent to manage your property

Real estate can be a wonderful investment. It can also be a nightmare. Knowing how to make your real estate investment work for you can be the difference between prosperity and the poor house.

Get the most from your investment. Order your free copy of Landlord 101 today. To have your copy home delivered at no charge, simply contact the agency on whose website you are viewing this video.

Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy your real estate investment works for you.


Landlord 101

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