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How to find your perfect real estate agent!

How to Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent!


The top 3 qualities to search for in a good real estate agent.

1. Communication Skills.

An essential quality of an effective real estate agent is being aware of and responding to your communication needs. The real estate market is fast moving and can be time sensitive, so your agent needs to be able to quickly and effectively communicate changes so you can respond quickly. A successful agent will be proactive and in contact with you, on your terms and at your convenience.

2. Listening Skills.

Quality agents take the time to listen and truly understand your unique requirements. If they are doing all of the talking, then they can’t be properly listening to you!

The most important person in any real estate transaction is you. A professional agent will invest the majority of their time in understanding your personal and investment objectives, location and lifestyle requirements, budget and timeline.

Quality questions will deliver quality answers. Check in with the agent to see if they understand your needs or if they are just telling you what you want to hear.

3. Client Focused.

The third essential quality in a quality real estate agent is their focus on you. The agent should be completely client focused – that means, you should feel like the most important appointment of their day.

Most of all, a quality agent is flexible and willing to adapt to your changing needs and circumstances.


Did they return your call promptly?


Were they on time for your first meeting and well presented?


Did they smile when they greeted you?


Did you feel welcome in their agency?


Did they remember your name?


Did they ask quality questions to help determine your exact needs?


Did they follow up effectively?


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