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Get the highest price for your property

Get the highest price for your property.

By Gary Pittard.

Australian and New Zealand Home Sellers. If you are like most people considering selling their properties, there is one question you most probably want answered above all others:


My name is Gary Pittard, CEO of the real estate business consultancy, Pittard. I have written a book that answers this question for you, and many, many more. And it’s yours for FREE.

Get the HIGHEST PRICE for Your Property shows you how to select and work with a real estate agent, and gives you tips on how to best present your property to prospective purchasers.

Here are some of the things you will discover in Get the Highest Price For Your Property:

• Getting the highest price for your property

• Identifying the agent most capable of negotiating the highest price

• Presenting your property for that vital first impression

• Who pays for the advertising – you or the agent?

• Should you auction, or is there a better way?

• The tricks purchasers can use at open houses to lower your price

• Getting agents to give you an iron-clad guarantee

• Why skill is more important than agents’ opinions

• Modern 21st Century marketing

• The dangers of Bait Pricing, and much more…

If you do not know the answers to these, and other, questions you can cost yourself a lot of money. And it is better to know the answers BEFORE YOU COMMENCE INTERVIEWING AGENTS.

There is a huge difference between real estate agents: some treat the study of negotiation very seriously, while most learn just what they need to know in order to achieve their real estate qualifications. And then they stop learning.

You can be many thousands of dollars better off if you choose an agent that has mastered the art of negotiation.

Good information truly is POWER.

My booklet How to Get the HIGHEST PRICE for Your Property is yours free.

To have your copy home delivered at no charge, simply contact the agency on whose website you are viewing this video. Get hold of a copy today and make more money when you sell your property.



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